Social science and population health

Is editing a special issue a way to self publish? MDPI's IJERPH

Risk ratio regression - simple concept and simple computation

Comment on IJE paper Risk ratio regression - simple concept yet complex computation

We are better than you? REF edition

Evidence and reducing health inequalities

Regression weights can equal inverse probability weights

Effect measures, having my cake and eating it?

Definition Yes, Analysis No. A comment on Analyses of change scores do not estimate causal effects in observational data

That's not my population. Its variance is constant

We should stop submitting to journals

New Blog

Is regression discontinuity an instrument based method?

Front door criterion and Natural experiments

Economic success and failure: life expectancy edition

Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s regression discontinuity! But which door?

Did New Labour’s health inequalities strategy impact population health?

Age, period, cohort models. Trying to simplify the complex.

Interaction? Yes and no!

The odd odds ratio

Same model, different R squared.

Where is my outcome regression balancing confounders?

Complexity and cause

Measures of variance of age of death aren’t age discriminatory.

Relative deprivation: a key theory for health inequality research?

Death expectancy? For studying health inequality?

The link between population health and health inequality

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Social science and population health